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So, you think you know all about Tremors (and Tremors 2)? Find out by e-mailing me the answers to the questions below.

1: What is the population of Perfection, Nevada?

2: What is the first thing Valentine does in the beginning of the movie?

3: What did Val and Earl each previously make for breakfast?

4: How much money did Val and Earl have in the beginning?

5: How much was Nester paying them to do the garbage?

6: What day of the week did the movie start on?

7: How did each of the 4 Graboids die?

8: What were 3 different names Walter had considered for the Graboids?

9: What two things did Nancy offer to Val and Earl to make them stay?

10: Name (in order) the first 6 people to die.

11: WHy did Burt and Heather settle in Perfection?

12: What was BUrt and Heather's liscence plate for their truck?

13: How far away was Bixbe from Perfection?

14: What king of car did the doctor and his wife have?

15: What kind of fuse did Burt use for his bombs?

E-mail me the answers at