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WILD THINGS-The greatest movie of all time!!! (In which Neve Cambell and Denise Richards strip down for a threesome)

It's   game   time!

Hey, everybody. Thanks for visiting my homepage. My name's Andrew M and I live in a hole in the earth called Scotch Plains, NJ. This is my first page everyone, and it is also under SEVERE construction, so bear with me here. I've already got some pics, sounds and what have you from my favorite movies, and more will be up soon. Some of my favorite movies are Aliens, The New Jersey Trilogy (Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy all the way), The Rock, Con Air, Face Off, From Dusk Till Dawn, Predator, Tremors, The Ghost and the Darkness, and Reservoir Dogs. I also wanna send some shout-outs to all my pals: Mike, Sheila, Michelle, Greg, Scott, Rich, Alex, Greg, Pat, Phil, Andrew, Matt, Shaft, (in no particular order) and anyone else I forgot-and if I did forget you, I'm sorry...just tell me and I'll make sure the problem gets taken care of. I've also got a few links to some of my favorite places (not that you really give a good fuck). So go forth and enjoy my page. Oh and do me one last favor before you go...sign my guestbook? It will take 1 minute out of your life. And, I am always open to ideas, so if you have any suggestions about my page, just e-mail me at Thanks again.
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My sounds page
It took me a few weeks, but my movie sounds page is up. Wavs from Clerks, Predator, and Austin Powers...more soon
My Tremors movie page
Has summaries and sounds from the two Tremors movies...more movie pages coming soon
My Dusk 'Till Dawn Page
Not quite done yet...all it has is a sound and a few pics of Salma Hayek, but will be finished shortly.

Links to OTHER people's pages

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A perfect 10-one of the funniest pages I have ever seen. Highly Recommended!!!
Insult wavs
A definite must for the wav collectors out there-lots of hilarious wavs here
KER357 & DIDWIX's page
Keri & Michelle's page...funny, y'know, with all those weird lists and stories that you've gotten a million times in chain letters.
Mike's Homepage
This is my bud Mike's page. Pretty good Scream pix and some good assorted soundsw/ a movies section
Sheila's Awesome Ska Page
Sheila's big bad ska page. You like ska, you go to this's the law. I mean it!
Rich's page on dis and dat...if you're in the mood for a laugh, then check it out(And he thinks I have problems...)
Pat's page on, music or something. Go ahead and check it out, what have you got to lose?